Find Your Daily Caloric Intake To Boost Your Muscle Building Potential

To build a physique that is a version above what you currently have, you are going to need to be able to have a way to determine your energy and calorie needs for each day. This is an important process that many men skip over and think that it’s just not important.

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Well, I’m here today to tell you that it’s actually damn important to do this! If you don’t know your caloric requirements each day, then your muscles probably aren’t getting the necessary energy they need to grow and recover from your training sessions.

So it’s an essential activity to find out your caloric requirements. This may be a somewhat boring task to do so that’s why it’s best to find a software or even an app that will assist you in this process. These options are especially good ones if you are terrible at math.

Once you have found your daily caloric intake, then you need to test out what the numbers have told you. As good as any formula is, it’s just a guide. You need to remember this. So you need to monitor your results and tweak anything accordingly.

Once you get the formula right, you will be blown away by how fast you will be able to build muscle mass because you will be supplying your muscles with an abundance of energy and crating the best environment for your muscles to grow and keep on growing.

So today, I recommend you find your daily caloric intake requirements and put what you’ve learnt into action. An easy way to do this is with software. You can invest in payed software to help you calculate your nutrition (and exercises) like at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LINWzbvmJls or you could do some online research and find some free ones.

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Time, Sweat, & Pain But No Muscle…What The?

There’s no question that more and more men are packing themselves into the gym, hoping to crank up their levels of muscle mass and look like a Greek god. But unfortunately, there’s no question that even after all the work men put into their body these days, sadly remarkable results are rarely seen.

I’m dead serious with my opinion on this! Seriously, next time you go down to the gym, take a look around you. I’m sure if you’ve been going to the gym for any length of time, you will start to see those sad souls, you know the guys who bust their rear end in the gym, but months later, they still look the same when you see them.

You may even be one of these guys!

So the question that needs to be answered, is why do these guys work out hard, but see little results? There are actually many reasons why this could be the case. They could be doing the wrong workout. If they are doing a workout like MI40 and they are beginners, well, then this could be a primary reason why they fail to grow.

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Another factor thats worth noting, you are only witnessing what people do in the gym. But what they do outside the gym can have a remarkable impact on what results they will achieve. They could be party animals, hitting the liquor three nights a week. They could live a Donut King and McDonalds everyday of the week. They could be highly stressed individuals and their levels of cortisol could be through the roof.

The point is, you just don’t know.

So it’s vital if you’re in this situation to do a thorough assessment of where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing inside and outside of the gym. Do a full evaluation and make some changes to the things that you find out that could be stopping you from having the results you ultimately desire.

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Want To Know How To Lighten Your Olive Skin

We all want what we can’t have, lets just face it. Knowing this, does it mean that we should give up? I don’t think so. If you really try you will find a way. That’s just the way the world works. There are several ways to get the clear light skin that you have been looking for, even if you haven’t thought of them yet.

If you are looking for a more natural way to get the complexion that you desire you might want to try lemons or simply lemon juice. This will brighten your skin in the same way that it helps red heads get rid of freckles. Of course, this might not be the cheapest option if you are looking to use it on your entire body. Please don’t bathe in it by the way, you don’t want that acid getting into your body.

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Of course, if you are like me, and don’t really want to bother with all that voodoo you might consider make-up. I know using make-up might seem fake, but if you know how to apply the lighter shade it wont be. The key is to apply it all over your body lightly and especially your neck so that it will blend well. Just remember, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this choice — don’t stand in the sprinklers.

OK, so if this isn’t your cup of tea and you would still like to know how to bleach your skin – you might want to try one of the skin lightening creams that are now available. There will be a product that will work for you, but most do use chemicals to lighten the appearance of your skin. So there can be some side effects with some of these stronger chemicals. Please never use this product on children or while you are pregnant. If you notice any skin irritation you should stop right away or use less of the product if it isn’t so bad.

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Another trick is almost too simple, stay out of the sun. This might not seem like much fun, but it really will work if you stay dedicated to it.

I hope you pick the right option, I know one of these is bound to be right for you. Just remember, it’s nice to have bright skin for a while, but eventually skin will regenerate like it always does and you will be back to your normal olive.


Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Explained In Detail

When looking for over-the-counter anti-inflammatory supplements to treat arthritis, one should be aware that most painkillers have a certain degree of health risk, especially if they are used over a long period of time. In NSAIDs, have been linked to such diseases as tinnitus and hearing loss and they can actually lead to headaches if used regularly and over long periods of time. There is suspicion that they may also reduce the capacity of your lungs, if you’re an athlete or suffer from asthma, they should be avoided.


Ibuprofen is a very powerful anti-inflammatory supplements. It is known by many different trade names. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever. It is effective in reducing inflammation in the fluid sacs that are within the joints.


CoCodamol is a combination of two very common pain anti-inflammatory supplements called paracetamol and codeine. They are a very powerful combination and should be used with extreme caution. There are several side effects, including constipation, dry mouth, and is also possible to become addicted to these powerful pain relievers.


Paracetamol is also known as acetaminophen, it is one of the most commonly used painkillers and is known as being very safe for use by children and adults alike. It works in a very similar way to aspirin. Problem with acetaminophen is that, increasing the dosage doesn’t necessarily increase the pain relief and it is not as effective in relieving the pain of arthritis or inflammation of the joints. It is easy to access, and is very commonly used by nearly everyone. However, an overdose is possibly life-threatening and could cause damage to your liver, so caution is advised.

Codeine phosphate

Codeine phosphate is not as popular of a painkiller as many of the others. It comes in various sizes like 15 mg. 30 mg. and 60 mg. Some of the side effects that you may experience from codeine phosphate are rashes and itchy skin redness, a more than normal amount of sweat, feeling sick to your stomach, and difficulty in breathing, plus many others. This painkiller comes with lots of different side effects and is known to be addictive as well, caution is advised.


Naproxen is a very common painkiller used for reducing inflammation, not only in the knee, but in other joints as well. Some of the common side effects would include drowsiness, heartburn and headaches. There are also others. Consult with your doctor.

Combination Products

There are many over-the-counter prescriptions that are stronger and are made from the mixing of the previously mentioned painkillers. There are too many to mention. But caution is advised, as many are mixed with caffeine and other stimulants as well. While the stimulants may help to increase the pain killing ability of these drugs, it also increases side effects and addictiveness.

Everflex Cream

This cream is made commercially and is used to rub externally on the joints. The main ingredient is an MSM, which is a natural pain reliever made from sulfur. There isn’t much scientific evidence to support the use of MSM, but there is lots of anecdotal evidence that suggest it is effective.


Glucosamine actually is found in some of the foods we eat, but never fast foods. As a person ages, we need more and more of this natural occurring nutrient. However, it is difficult to get enough in just our diet and supplements are a good way to increase our intake.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Chondroitin sulfate helps your joint’s shock absorbing ability by increasing the amount of water that is in the tissues between the joints. It is commonly combined with glucosamine as the two have a synergistic relationship in the body.

Many of these anti-inflammatory supplements work well in combinations, but care should be used, and it’s best to buy them already mixed in tablet form to avoid side effects from the wrong dosages.


Peking Royal Jelly

Is Peking Royal Jelly Better Than Bee Pollen?

Peking royal jelly has been touted for its many health benefits and because of this it commands a high price among dietary supplements. But does it really deliver more health benefits than bee pollen supplements?

According to most proponents of all types of royal jelly including that made in Peking, the proof of this product’s health benefits lies in the fact that the queen bee, who dines exclusively on this product, is larger than the worker bees and also lives up to 50 times longer. While this fact does seem to be impressive, there may be other reasons for the size and long life of queen bees other than simply what they eat.

Consider that for the most part the queen bee simply remains in the hive eating and making babies. In this arrangement the worker bees are sent out to gather pollen, having to fly many miles at times in all sorts of weather and possibly polluted environments. They work constantly in order to provide for the queen and the new little bees in the hive.

Worker bees are therefore at far higher risk than the queen bee who remains safely at home gorging on the “milk of life” that her worker bees supply her with. When the hive comes under any kind of threat it is the role of the worker bees to protect the queen at any cost even giving up their lives to do so. So, it may be that queen bee food is not the only factor in queen bee size and longevity compared to the very busy worker bees.

The truth is except for the size and long life of the queen bee there is absolutely no evidence that Peking royal jelly is any healthier or gives any more health benefits than bee pollen which sells for a lower price.

Of course, in the final analysis which bee product you choose is going to end up having more to do with the quality of the product than with its form.

When it comes to bee by-products it is also going to depend a good deal where that product comes from and what additives it contains. It is wise to view with suspicion any bee products that come from industrial areas . That is because high pollution found in these areas tends to contaminate the flowers that the bees gather their pollen from and ends up in the bee products.

It should be noted that the maker of this royal jelly supplement claims that any contaminates in their product is within acceptable limits, but no tests can be found to either prove or disapprove this claim. This may prove worrisome to many consumers.

If in doubt, choose a product from an area with little or no pollution to ensure that your bee product is beneficial to your overall health both in the short as well as the long term.

If you were to do your own research it is likely that you too will find that bee pollen contains at least the same benefits as Peking royal jelly and at a much more attractive price.

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